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Success Stories

Below are statements made by some of the many clients who have wished to share their experience of working with Family Renewal. Individuals and/or families have written each one and they remain on this website with their full approval, knowing they may ask to be removed at any time. Client names and other identifying information are withheld because of the personal nature of the services provided and respect for their confidentiality. 



I recommend her to absolutely everybody who needs help
with a tough kid.

Nicole has completely transformed our family and we could not be more grateful to her.  When I first came to her, my oldest daughter (4 at the time)  had been in play therapy four days a week  for almost nine months, and she had made very little progress.  We first sought help after our third child was born and our oldest, who had always been very challenging, became completely unmanageable: she was very bright, but very controlling, anxious, inflexible, insecure and volatile.  Her tantrums lasted for hours and were often violent.  She bit her arms so that she had teeth marks and bruises.  We were incredibly frightened.


After many consultations with other doctors and phone calls to professionals around the country, I found Nicole.  She promised us improvement in 9 weeks.  She was right. 


The program we implemented under her guidance was exactly the structure our daughter needed to learn to regulate her feelings and change her behavior.  With Nicole's help, improvement has continued for two years.  Our daughter will always be an intense person and she hasn't turned into an "easy" child.


However, she is a happy kid whom we enjoy!  She is never violent; her tantrums are infrequent; and when she does have them, they do not last long.  She is doing well at a school and is slowly, but surely gaining some confidence. We, her parents, have a much better understanding of her needs and how to meet them.  Nicole's intelligence, insightfulness, and vast knowledge make her a superb therapist.


Wife and mother of 3 children





I completed treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

and when I first started coming I would worry and freak out all the time. I feared and avoided social interactions and felt that I wasn't good enough to hang out with certain people.


When I started treatment I didn't know I would feel so much better. I had no idea this was possible!


I think every teenager should come to therapy and learn this stuff. I can do public speaking without fear and even can perform on stage now.


High school student, male, age 18







She was immediately responsive and able to connect with me that very same day. And… she was exactly the type of counselor I’d been looking for but didn’t know how to find. By integrating traditional counseling with spirituality, Nicole helped me move through significant grief, loss and abandonment issues I’d been carrying around most of my life. Those issues finally got the best of me and I’d been feeling beat down and overwhelmed.


In just a short amount of time, she was able to help me get past feeling like I was ‘broken.’


Nicole is a warm, smart and intuitive healer. She’ll take time to listen, help you work through your issues, and keep you focused on healing - - she’ll also expect you to do your homework!”


Career Professional, Female, 36, after 6 sessions





I came ... seeking coping skills  …

with a relationally aggressive manager.  The reoccurring events with my manager were causing me a lot of anxiety, anger, self-doubt and bitterness.  The job was a long time passion of mine and I wasn't ready to leave.  I realized that this manager would not likely be the last difficult manager or peer I would encounter in my career and that I needed some coping skills to handle my own reactions...


Through practicing the techniques she's taught me I'm able to identify when my thoughts are controlling me and choose a different reaction automatically to diffuse a situation.

Nicole has a very nurturing and validating style about her that allows you to open up and be authentic. I feel very lucky to have found such a wonderful Life Coach!


Career Professional, Female, age 37







My outlook on parenting completely changed through my work with Nicole and the treatment she provided enabled me to see how my partner and I can encourage our children to be their best possible selves.


We were able to solve the initial problems which brought us into therapy in a matter of weeks and received skills that will serve us in every situation with all of our children from now on.

Her gentle encouragement and positive attitude provided the support we needed to be great parents and partners to one another. This truly saved my family.”


Wife and mother of five children, ages 1, 4, 7, 9 and 11 years










I thought my marriage would be over by the end of the year anyhow so why should I go to another marriage therapist with my wife.  I was sick of talking about my feelings or being told I was not ‘opening up’ to my wife. I had just started flirting regularly with another woman online and got caught. My wife said she would divorce me if I didn’t go to this therapist she had heard about and I wasn’t ready to pay alimony just yet, so I went to keep the status quo of what had become a really miserable life. Well we are still together and the sessions we had taught me how to make my wife happy. Once I could do that without feeling like I was under a microscope it changed the whole feel of our relationship and she was a lot easier to love and be around. And it sounds like a line but it turns out I love her more today than at our wedding.


I want other guys to know that this is not that therapy where you sit and dredge up every little thing you ever did to make her angry. This stuff actually helps and it helps a lot.

Don’t buy the big screen TV or the X-Box. Get some sessions instead so you don’t end up loosing your electronics in a divorce.


Husband, married 16 years at beginning of treatment






We thought there must be something wrong with them until Nicole helped us understand how to set expectations, limits and standards for acceptable behavior. Our days had been filled with arguing, temper tantrums, constant negotiating and outright non-compliance. But our training taught us how to give effective commands, model positive behavior, praise appropriately and discipline consistently. What we realized, was that we needed to become effective parents.


The change has been profound. Both children now obey the first time we ask them to do something! There is less conflict in our house, and more time for family games. We are so glad to spend time with our children because we enjoy their personalities.

We are now applying our new skills to our son’s school life and are noting positive improvements...We could not have achieved this level of success without her systematic advice and documented methodology.


Parents of two children, ages 3 and 7